Kiosk Software and Digital Signage Software

Manage all your Customer Touch Points with just ONE Software Platform

Your kiosk software, digital sign software, web site and mobile apps are now all manageable with Livewire Digital’s omni-channel customer engagement software. That means you’re empowered with real-time management of your various digital touch points for CRM, social media and cloud devices and services. Our User-friendly software allows you to manage all of your mobile, digital sign, and kiosk devices from a single source using our user-friendly eConcierge® Customer Engagement Platform.

Livewire offers one of the most comprehensive multi-channel customer engagement suite of software products to connect you with your customers.  Our software provides a wide range of features from security and lock-down of the operating system to remote monitoring and reporting, while offering extensive flexibility in managing deployment of content to all of your devices.

We have a product to meet your needs.  Get started quickly with our hosted software, relieving you of the effort to maintain servers, at a low annual cost with no long-term commitments.  Our licensed offerings are great for businesses with an IT staff able to manage a large network of kiosks and digital signs.  Browse our products below or use see our Product Comparison chart to determine the best fit for your need, then contact us for a live demo of our capabilities.

Standard Kiosk Software

Kiosk Standard provides lockdown security for browser-based applications, interfaces to a wide range of hardware components, and remote monitoring and management from a central server.

Digital Signage Software

Our most affordable digital signage software, Digital Signage – Lite Edition supports the most commonly used features for digital signs.

Enterprise Kiosk Software

Our Enterprise Edition of kiosk software with integrated digital signage software takes the ease of content management to a whole new level through our trademarked eConcierge software features.

eConcierge Content Management Server

LIVEWIRE’S eConcierge CMS Enterprise Server software platform provides end-to-end integration for your kiosk and digital signage software solutions.