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How LIVEWIRE Builds Mobile Apps That Meet Your Needs

LIVEWIRE will guide you through each step of developing and delivering your mobile application – from design to distribution.

1 Matching the Design to Your Needs

LIVEWIRE’s representative will meet with you to evaluate the needs of your business and identify the type of mobile that works for you. We will also help you to identify the appropriate platform to host your app—Apple (iOS), Android, Blackberry.

2 Building & Testing Your Application

Mobile Devices

LIVEWIRE’s software engineers will build your application and test its compatibility across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Whether you want a simple message send to a user, a media rich message with audio and video or a fully interactive ad, our HTML5 programming will ensure that your message gets to your end user…regardless of which mobile device they use.

3 Hosting on the Marketplace

LIVEWIRE will guide you through the process to release your app to the appropriate marketplace, whether it’s the Apple Store, Android Market, or Blackberry.

4 Launching & Promoting

LIVEWIRE will guide you on the strategy to promote you app within the market and distribute it to your target customer base or audience.

5 Continued Support

Once your app is launched, we will continue to work with you to fine-tune its operation and deliver appropriate updates.

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