Information Access Kiosk Software and Systems

Powerful Information

IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS within your organization. With LIVEWIRE’s kiosk and digital signage software, distribute valuable information to employees, customers and the general public when and where they need it.

OVERCOME THE ACCESS AND SECURITY LIMITATIONS of a web site. You can do all this and more with a web-enabled kiosk solution from LIVEWIRE.

  • Provide fast, easy and secure access to information wherever it’s needed
  • Full security implementation
  • Enhanced suppression of unauthorized external applications
  • Browser/OS lockdown
  • Customized welcome screen with active attention-getting images
  • Tracks customer usage for statistical reports
  • Pop-up window control
  • URL filtering – both permissive and restrictive
  • Hidden, password-protected administrative functions
  • Configuration of a web-based reporting system – usage, custom logging, event reporting, etc.
  • Application version and source control
  • Support for printer, fax, card dispenser, card swipe, cash acceptor, camera, audio, etc.

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