Livewire eConcierge Kiosk and Digital Sign Software

eConcierge®  The Power to Connect with a Touch

Livewire’s eConcierge® software replaces traditional concierge channels, managing communications to your customers via kiosks, digital signs, mobile apps, social media, and web sites, all through a single console. Our software solution supports vital virtual concierge functions such as business/property information, way-finding, interactive maps and directories, entertainment, dining and event information, and more.

With LIVEWIRE’s eConcierge® Content Management Server Software, you can create an omni-channel virtual concierge system capable of delivering a wide variety of information to your audience with a minimal investment.

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  • Provide a direct real-time connection to information, directions, products and services.
  • Easy-to-manage hierarchical functionality so your information can be categorized and displayed in a user friendly fashion.
  • Eliminate the cost and waste of keeping paper guides and notifications updated with current information.
  • Generate revenue by creating attractive advertisements for your business partners and community businesses.
  • Integrated directional way-finding.
  • Integrate real time customer service phone dial up functionality.
  • Integrate coupon printing, ticketing, loyalty cards, gift card activation and self-service check-in.
  • Integrate to your CMS/POS.
  • Manage all this with one platform and deliver to your kiosks, digital signs, and mobile devices.
  • Easily access secure web based reports and monitor the use of your devices.
  • Hotel and resort directories / way finding
  • Retail mall and shopping center directories / way finding
  • Corporate virtual receptionists
  • Hospital staff directories and way finding maps
  • Educational facility directories

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