Building Directory Kiosk Software and Digital Signs

Directory Kiosk Software to Connect

Whether your facility houses one organization or many, you want your customers, vendors and other guests to feel relaxed and find their destination easily.

Livewire’s Enterprise Kiosk Software and integrated eConcierge digital signage allows remote management of tenant information and playlists as well as monitoring of the kiosk system.

Increase the professionalism of your office and the experience of your visitors with a LIVEWIRE Building Directory software platform.

Our interactive building directory kiosks offer:

  • Search capability – Locate the correct office or tenant quickly.
  • Reduced wasted time and anxiety in getting lost.
  • Prevent visitors from wandering into restricted, unsafe or private areas in search of the right person or office.
  • Call to announce their presence with a built-in phone system.
  • Integrated with door access system
  • Integrated visitor welcome message
  • Integration media playlists
  • Ad playlist display during idle periods

To learn how to get more from your virtual concierge kiosk system, click here.