Self-service Solutions and Software

Self-Service Solutions Connect You to Your Customer!

LIVEWIRE SELF-SERVICE SOLUTIONS not only improve the power to connect to your customers, they can increase your bottom line. Customers who can find and pay for what they want easily are more inclined to spend more money and more often.A self-service kiosk can help you accomplish that!

In addition to our award-winning kiosk software and custom solutions, we have an ENTERPRISE SERVER package. Our secure and cost-effective options enable the growth of a new generation of self-service systems that will help you manage your kiosks remotely and generate revenue faster and easier.

Kiosks serve a variety of customer connection solutions.  What do you need?


Ticketing Kiosk


Self Check-In

Gift Cards/Pre-paid Debit

Human Resources

Information Access

Building Directories


Digital Reader Boards

Video Wall

Digital Menu Board

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