Kiosk Software

Livewire Digital offers a full suite of kiosk software products enabling you to engage your customer through kiosks, digital signage, or mobile applications, all from a single content management system. Our range of client-side software products allow you to save costs by choosing the feature set that best fits your need today, with the ability to upgrade later.  Manage the technical aspects of your kiosk and digital signage network from Enterprise Server, while your non-technical users may focus on content distribution with our eConcierge Manager software.

Kiosk Applications

Livewire provides kiosk and digital signage solutions that fit the needs specific to your particular market.  Have a need out of the ordinary?  No problem.  Livewire can build a custom application for you from our vast array of software modules we’ve created in the 10+ years we’ve been offering self-service and digital signage software solutions.