Entertainment / Public Places Digital Signage and Kiosk

Interactive public space digital signs and kiosks can be useful information channels in a wide variety of entertainment settings. Common examples include: casinos, concert venues, sports venues, and sports activity complexes such as parks and ski resorts. Livewire’s eConcierge® software provides a dynamic platform that allows administrators to manage content ranging from wayfinding information to venue and building location details. Digital displays make processing information much easier for customers and patrons, finding information on a digital sign is easier, reducing the confusion and chaotic environment of crowded venues like sports and entertainment complexes.


  • Direct visitors & patrons interactive maps
  • Event Listings
  • Local attractions & venues
  • Video Walls
  • Live video for concerts & sports venues
  • Dining Information / Menus
  • Wayfinding
  • Safety Messages
  • Advertisements
  • Managed, easily updatable content

Case Studies