Digital Signage Menu Board Software

Digital Menu Board Software and Signage

Do you need to present information real-time for your business, event, retail establishment or restaurant? Our eConcierge® CMS kiosk software supports digital displays that can be used as menu boards to present content rich information and graphics for your business. Digital signage is becoming more and more attractive to all businesses and is proven to reduce costs. Digital displays can present static information and graphics or can be touch interactive displaying category specific information in a hierarchical fashion. Livewire Digital’s solution is guaranteed to meet all your requirements. Create an omni-channel network with our platform and present your display on an interactive kiosk, mobile app or web.

  • Brand Control
  • Educate your Audience
  • Customize your Message
  • Instant Updates
  • Increase Revenue & Reduce Costs
  • Static or Touch
  • User Friendly Content Management System

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